TimberLine – a modern woodworking shop


Modern interior design, including furniture making, is not only about simple functionality of working, shopping or entertainment area but also philosophy of interactions between a user and an architect’s daring vision. Apart from intriguing with spectacular scale or ambiguity, interiors additionally combine everything a man chose as convenience in everyday life. Modern technologies, materials of various structures and features (e.g. stone veneers, photochromic glass, plastic materials imitating stone or wood) allow to create interiors that are original, functional and brave, that  combine those features.  However, to execute it one needs appropriate knowledge and experience as well as open mind for new trends in furniture making and interior design. Our woodworking shop is the answer to this need.

Nowadays furniture making is going through its another rapid development, going far beyond its previous strictly utilitarian function. It is a marriage of connecting not obvious materials and creating such forms, it is a craft connected with applied arts and this is how we understand it.




Knowledge and experience – the foundations of business


TimberLine woodworking shop is created by people with passion for constructing interiors and making business. They are profoundly experienced in technology as well as in carpentry, who successfully completed event the most challenging furniture and interior designs and who know and understand modern furniture technologies. They are experienced in commercial fit-outs of offices, shops and civic buildings. Visiting shopping malls you probably see the interiors they furnished.




Relation with clients


Clients of TimberLine include commercial as well as private investors, who are looking for unique, durable and well-studied solutions in interior design in furnishing  spaces. We win clients through our business contacts, companies we already have in our portfolio, but also market inquiries and recommendations of our satisfied clients. Another important channel of winning commissions  is participation in fairs, conferences and events connected with the industry. Also long term contacts with chain brands in retail and horeca allow work at capacity. TimberLine  covers a gap in the industry – multi-discipline furniture making and a vision of modern creation of interiors.

The TimberLine crew invites you to cooperate.